Seven Reasons to Book a Midweek Stay

There’s nothing quite like an unplanned adventure. Picture packing a bag, tossing it in the car, and hitting the highway for the freedom of the open road. This year, clear your schedule, and plan a spur-of-the-moment, midweek getaway amongst the tall pines of McCurtain County, Oklahoma. After all, work can wait!

Need some convincing? Here are seven reasons to book a midweek stay in McCurtain County—one for every day of the week!


1) All the peace and quiet you want. 


When it comes to the chaos of city traffic, the struggle is real. Think honking horns, bumper-to-bumper lanes, and people everywhere you look. Instead, take a personal day and swap the stress of the city for a few days of serenity in McCurtain County. With towering pine trees, babbling brooks, meandering streams, and majestic mountains, the McCurtain County setting is everything you need for an attitude adjustment and a change of scenery.



2) Live it up for less.


Mid-week stays mean you get to enjoy McCurtain County for less. And we’re talking way less. Think deep discounts on luxury cabins fit for a king or queen, and their crowd. Whether you want to book a corporate retreat, a team-building meeting, a reunion, an offsite planning get-together, or just want to get out of the office for a bit, McCurtain County has cabins for groups of all sizes. Don’t have a reason to get away? Check out some of our favorite excuses to visit McCurtain County.



3) Have the space to yourself. 

Hiking around beavers bend is the best way to witness the beauty of Broken Bow Oklahoma.

Outdoor recreation in Beavers Bend usually involves things like fishing rods, ATVs, mountain bikes, canoes, and visiting during the week means you’ll have the place to yourself! If you’re looking for a fun-filled outing for the family, the area has plenty to keep everyone entertained. Spend an afternoon racing laps around the go-kart track, slinging quarters at the arcade, grabbing some locally grown veggies, or hitting the putt putt green. Want to make a long weekend out of it? Check vendor listings to make sure the spots you want to hit are open, and you’ll have free reign of all the fun you want.



4) Take a long weekend.

Speaking of long weekends, they’re pretty darn great in McCurtain County. The next time you nail a big job at work, treat yourself to a long weekend in McCurtain County to unwind. Can’t quite bring yourself to pull the trigger? Start with a weekend, and see how long it takes you to call in for Monday. (Hint: it won’t be long…).



5) View of one of the most comprehensive collections of Native American art

The Museum of the Red River houses one of the most comprehensive collections of Native American art to be found anywhere. Artifacts and related materials dating from prehistoric to contemporary times are collected, preserved, researched and exhibited in order to foster aesthetic appreciation, stimulate curiosity, and inspire further study. And guess what? A mid-week visit means you’ll have way fewer people to dodge as you check it all out.


6) Make all the hours happy hours. 

Beer, wine, whiskey… whatever your preference, there’s plenty to sip in McCurtain County. From wine at Girls Gone Wine, Vojai’s Winery, or Fish Tale’s Winery, beer from Beavers Bend Brewery and the Grateful Head Taproom, and whiskey from Hochatown Distilling Company, McCurtain County has an elixir for every kind of getaway. Snag some potion for happy hour on your cabin porch, or stop by these local joints for conversation and a drink with other travelers.


7) Snag a glimpse of a life bird. 

Fancy yourself an avian enthusiast? Birders from all over the south agree: McCurtain County has some of the best bird watching this side of the Mississippi. Expect to find the Least Bittern, the Purple Gallinule, the Brown Headed Nut Hatch, and other highly sought after life birds. Get the kiddos involved with bird watching and spin it as the real-life version of Pokémon Go! A local guide will ensure you catch glimpses of some of McCurtain County’s most rare species, and a visit in the springtime or fall means you can catch native birds on their seasonal migration. And for the real birding aficionado, there’s nothing better than the annual Red Slough Birding Convention, held every spring.

Ready to book your Mid-Week Vacation? Head this way to start planning your next trip around the Beavers Bend.

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