Four Quick Hikes Around the Beavers Bend

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As the weather warms, flowers blossom, and the beautiful spring colors return to McCurtain County, the trails of Beavers Bend beckon. Whether you’re looking for a long, leisurely hike or a short, challenging one, you’re bound to find the right trail here.


Here are four shorter, family-friendly trails—and what to know about them—to find in Beavers Bend this spring.

Beaver Lodge Nature Trail Oklahoma
Beaver Lodge Nature Trail

Length: 1.1 miles

This is a great, leisurely hike for families, with one very important qualifier: It’s one-way—meaning it doesn’t loop back to the trail head, so you either have to double back or have dad park the car near the end ahead of time. This wide trail starts below the hydro-electric dam of Broken Bow Lake, and you can hear the busy sounds of rushing water the entire time. Experts recommend walking the trail until it becomes too narrow and challenging, at which point you should double back.


Cedar Bluff Nature Trail

Length: 1 mile

Walk this fairly easy trail clockwise, starting at the Dogwood Campground. A portion of it is uphill, making it slightly more challenging than Beavers Lodge. Blue and white tree markers will guide your way, just be sure to stay on the trail and avoid shortcuts—and beware that lower portions of the trail may become hazardous if the nearby creek floods.

Forest Heritage Tree Trail

Length: 1.1 miles

Begin and end your hike on this beautiful trail at the Forest Heritage Center Museum. The scenic path leads you past a large Indian sculpture and winds along the floodplain of Beaver Creek, across a bridge and back to the Forest Heritage Center, with informational signs along the way telling the history of the area. Trees are marked in white to keep you on the path. With the exception of a few points that require climbing, this is an easy trail, perfect for an early morning wake-up.

Pine Ridge Nature Trail

Length: ¾ mile

This trail loops like a figure-eight, starting at tennis courts and ending on the Beaver Creek floodplain. Along the way, you’ll pass through an evergreen forest and a lagoon before ascending back up and across the Pine Ridge of its namesake. This is a short, exciting and varied trail that takes you up, down and around some of the most beautiful points in all of McCurtain County.


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