Football Season in McCurtain County Only Means One Thing: Cabins

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It’s Football season in McCurtain County and that requires seating, big screens, and direct heat. Oh, and football. Being within a day’s drive of most of the Big 12 and some of the SEC, we’re the perfect place for scattered alumni and regional rivals to reunite and resume hostilities. Find peace over growlers of locally brewed beer, locally smoked brisket or the burgers you grilled yourself. Celebrate halftime with the marching band on the big screen or let your mind wander through the pine forest surrounding your cabin. Oh, halftime’s over, get back in the game.

The ultimate tailgate takes planning, and that’s not everyone’s strength.

Someone was supposed to bring steaks, burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, oh and pickles. Not to worry, You’re never far from groceries, ice and buns. Broken Bow, Idabel and Hochatown, are just down the road. Local 259, Stones Meat & Produce  and Mountain Man Meat Market can make sure you’ve got the choicest cuts for your choicest friends. And Pruetts in Broken Bow along with several other grocers will keep you in deli sides no matter how long your stay.

Finding the game and getting it on your cabin’s big screen.

Most cabins feature satellite dish connections and streaming services to pull in sports broadcasts through the hills and pines. So all the networks that are covering your team should be available. You shouldn’t be limited to watching unranked teams, or animated princess movies someone’s daughter loves. You could also turn the TV off and soak in the restorative power of nature. Never mind. Sorry we mentioned that. This is a tailgating blog.

It’s not a tailgate until your hand goes numb digging through ice.

There are two breweries in McCurtain County to help round out your tailgate drinks chest – the Mountain Fork and Beavers Bend breweries. Beavers Bend sells sealed growlers and Mountain Fork has cans to go. If beer’s not your thing, there’s plenty of lemonade, sweet tea or Dr. Pepper to push down to the bottom. McCurtain County also has four wineries, and a distillery. Several grocery and liquor stores in the area stock your favorite mass-market stuff. And ice. It’s never wrong to bring more ice.

Keep party going when the game is over, or if the TV gets switched to a spelling bee.

Friday is high school ball and the night everyone rolls in from out of town. Saturday is college. And Sunday, the pros play. There may not be any non-game time to plan for. But you should also plan for outdoor games around your HQ in the woods too. When you book your cabin, after you’ve checked cable/satellite in the features filter, you could check Horseshoe Pit, Sand box, Foosball and even Hot Tub to soak the wounds of a loss – at horseshoes.

Fire up the grill, fill up the ice chest and don your school colors. Your tailgate is about to get a whole lot more adventurous. Book it now on the McCurtain County app and #GetHereAlready.

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