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Thrilling hikes, local bites, campfire nights. It’s all in the Visit McCurtain County app.

You just gotta download it first.

Good. Now that you’ve done that, get familiar with all McCurtain County has to offer, right at your fingertips. From state park tours and events (hello live music and festivals) to great restaurants, antique shops, even kayak rentals. Once you have the lay of the land, get to building that itinerary!

Thanks to the app’s nifty “My Plan” feature, you can create your own travel wish list. Add events, attractions, tours and more. List makers – this is your time to shine.

Already here? You can even allow the app to access your location, so you can get notified about nearby attractions. Simply opt to receive personalized notifications, so you’re in the know and don’t miss a thing. We know, FOMO is the worst.

Make the most of every trip to McCurtain County and just download the app already.

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