HoneyBear Ranch

At HoneyBear Ranch, we strive to provide our customers with the best quality naturally grown products in the area. We raise our own vegetable plants in our greenhouse so we are sure that no chemicals touch them.  Our gardens are fed with natural fertilizer provided by our calves, chickens and the compost brewed on our place.

In addition to vegetable plants and fresh produce, we raise calves, pigs, barbado sheep, chickens, guineas, and  horses.  Their feed is antibiotic and growth hormone free.  Our chickens are allowed to range free (as long as they stay out of the gardens!) and are encouraged to eat all the weeds, grass and bugs they can handle.  Our  pigs are pastured and are given left over garden produce.  They love pumpkins! Our calves are grass fed and are loved and treated with respect while they are with us.  The sheep keep our gardens and pastures trimmed.  The horses will be trained to pull a cart when they are old enough.

We often have free clinics to teach others how to grow food for their families.  We believe it is important to pass on what we’ve learned from trial and error.  We also believe it is wise for all of us to learn to be self-sufficient and to feed our bodies with naturally raised, locally grown food.

In 2010, we opened a Garden Center at HoneyBear Ranch.  This allowed us to add flowers, trees, shrubs and other products to our inventory.


220 E2040
Broken Bow, OK


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