Our Favorite around the Cabin Outdoor Adventures

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After a day of exploring in McCurtain County, there’s nothing better than coming home to a cozy cabin. But who says the adventure has to stop when you reach the porch? Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities for when you just can’t bring yourself to leave the cabin.


1) Hammock hanging. Scope out two close together, super-tall trees and string up your hammock between ‘em. We did the research (very tough…) and we’re happy to report that hammocks are the perfect way to spend an afternoon lounging, reading, or just hanging out. Pick a shady spot for best results!


2) Grilling. No mountain getaway would be complete without a few adventures in food, so why not get creative? Many cabins are equipped with grills full of bells and whistles, perfect whatever craving strikes your fancy. Give baby back ribs a try, smoke a pork butt, or try your hand at grilled veggies. Even better: put your fire pit to use, grab a cast iron skillet, and cook out over the open flame. We love these tried and true camping recipes.


3) Treasure collecting. Whether you go for rocks, leaves, bugs, or something new and novel altogether, the cabin and its woodsy backyard make for perfect treasure hunting grounds. Bring along mason jars and markers to organize and observe your specimens. Even better: play cabin bingo, or make a scavenger hunt out of it!


4) S’mores and stars. They don’t call the cabins of McCurtain County million-star resorts for nothing. When it comes to taking in the great outdoors, there’s nothing quite like counting the stars with a gooey cabin treat in hand. Use your fire pit to roast your mallows juuuuust right, then put down a blanket and enjoy your treat under the twinkling skies. You’re bound to spot more than a few constellations!


5) Hot-tubbing. Nothing soothes weary, adventure-riddled bones like a bubbly dip in the hot tub. Set yours to warm when you arrive, and the jets and bubbles will be ready for you by dinnertime.


6) Lawn games. With all that backyard space at your disposal, you better use it! Let the forest be the backdrop for your epic game of Lawn Olympics. Many cabins boast horseshoe pits, and with corn hole, giant Jenga, football, and a little frisbee to boot, you’ll have plenty of field events to keep you busy.


Ready to enjoy all the adventures your cabin has to offer? Book your stay, and start planning your getaway around the Beavers Bend.



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