Body Harmony Day Spa


Every city and state throughout America has within it unique places to see and visit that set them apart from other locations. North of Broken Bow, Oklahoma about 11 miles is Broken Bow Lakeand Beaver Bend State Park, and a quaint little town called Hochatown which is just north a few more miles down highway 259. If you are looking for something you have never done before you are in for a treat. You’re surrounded with red-neck sophistication wherever you go and you’re sure to catch that “hometown feeling” that just makes you wanna kick back and stay awhile.

The high oxygen content (because of the green tree forests) unwinds you to a tranquil state of mind, and this causes your hurried pace to slows way down. There are times during your stay where you could bet your boots you saw angels hovered overhead.

Harmony Land and Body Harmony Spa is right in the “heart-beat” of everything mentioned. Directly across from the south entrance of Beavers Bend State Park is where Adam and Eve’s Coffee Shop is as well as a cluster of small business that looks like log cabins. Go west across the parking lot and follow the little Body Harmony signs. There is a small fork at the end where a one car dirt road takes over. Just a short distance west (on the left hand side of the road) is a pretty lattice fence with an arch entrance.

Come on in you are entering Harmony Land. There is a sweet feeling the moment you pull into the parking lot and look across the green grass towards the Body Harmony Spa house.

Harmony Land is on two acres surrounded with privacy fence and butted up against 50 acres of forest. The atmosphere is serene and almost reminds you of a blank canvas just waiting to be painted. There are future plans for Harmony Land that will slowly unfold as seasons change.

Body Harmony Spa is uniquely your perfect place to “De-Stress” and “Re-New”. You’ll be swept off your tired feet with this “One-of-a-kind” uniquely relaxing experience, and before you leave you will be planning your next visit to Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

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